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Accessories an essential part of all brands in the shop, it creates personal look and determine the women's character. girls adore new fashion and surf on the web site. Xessorilicious is a way  of communicating with world of fashion.

Executive Summary
Our business about women's fashion accessories. The location of our booth is strategic; it is in business beside opposite of the cafeteria. The product that we have sold are necklaces, bracelet, anklets, and earrings . We will need capital of 3000 AED. It will come with outcome of big profit and  affordable fascinated products.

Business Description

We started our project collecting information about suppliers who allow us to take a look of their accessories, so that we can take a decision whether it is suitable for us or not. Later on we found a woman who allow us to take a look of what she have and took an appointment with her. After searching several days, we have found exactly what we are looking for.The woman was delighted to purchase them immediately.

Team Leader : Moaza Mohammad Khadem.

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